Nov 24, 2014

Christmas Time at Samantha's Sweets

Let's make it a sweet holiday!
           Check out what Samantha's Sweets has to offer    for Christmas!

If you haven't seen my Etsy,
I have just added some adorably Sweet Holiday Items, along with my sweet Wedding Cake Toppers


Nov 19, 2014

Nov 10, 2014

Welcome Little Pumpkin Baby Shower!

Welcome Little Pumpkin!

 Matching Baby Pumpkin Cupcakes!

Nov 8, 2014

Custom Cake is What I Do!

It's all about CUSTOM for Samantha's Sweets!  
    I ADORE creating one-of-a-kind cake designs, matching party decor, and combining customer's ideas into a fabulous edible creation!  
    That is what CUSTOM means.  
So THANK YOU, my sweet customers, for supporting small business and letting me be a part of your special celebrations!  It means the world to me.  



Smash Cake!

Oct 29, 2014

Oct 21, 2014

Meant to Bee Wedding Cake Topper

     If you haven't checked out my wedding cake toppers yet, don't wait!
    Head on over to my Etsy and see if there is anything you like! 

Meant to Bee Wedding Cake Topper
~My latest sweet art~
Vanilla Cake with Caramel Butter Cream!

Oct 13, 2014

Fall Inspired Wedding Cakes

This weekend's Fall Inspired Wedding Cakes
       by Samantha's Sweets

I had such a fun weekend creating these 
     one-of-a-kind Fall themed wedding cakes...

Snowy Owl Wedding Cake Toppers by Samantha's Sweets ~ Sam's Sweet Art

Oct 6, 2014

Specialty Flavors by Samantha's Sweets!

It was another double wedding weekend, 
      filled with SPECIALTY FLAVORS! 
                   ~Kickin' it BAKERY STYLE!

Are these not the BEST idea for a bridal party gift?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Specialty Cupcakes by Samantha's Sweets
The adorable cupcake tree was made by the bride and groom.
Congratulations to the Erny family!


My amazing Caramel Crumb Apple Pie!

 Specialty Cakes!

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